Albanians dating non albanians

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431 BC - 404 BC (Second) Peloponnesian War between the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta.

Treaty of Accession of Greece to European Communities recognizes the special status guaranteed to Mount Athos by the Greek Constitution. In 1841, the island was granted to Muhammad Ali, the Wali of Egypt and his successors as a tributary possession; in 1908 direct Ottoman rule was restored until . 1367 - Rival Albanian lordship at Arta (Despotati i Arts), under Serbian suzerainty (submits to despot of Epirus ). 1320) 1318 - 1323 Niklaos Orsni (= Niccol Orsini) (d. af.1453) (= Giorgio de' Buondelmonti) - Eudokia Balić (f) -Regent Despots and Counts Palatine of Cephalonia and Zante - Carlo I Tocco (d. 17 Jan 395 AD Part of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. consents to relinquish protectorate over the Ionian Islands; U. President of the Peloponnesian Senate (in Tripolits [Trpoli]) - Theodritos Vasileou Vresthnis (b. 1843) Non-party President of the Senate of Western Greece (in Mesolngi) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (b. 1865) Mod President of the Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece (in Slona [mfissa]) - Thedoros Georgou Ngris (b. 1824) Non-party (in rebellion) President of the Administrative Committee - Ionnis Mara Avgoustnos Antonou (b. 1857) Con Kapodstrias (= conte Giovanni Maria Agostino di Antonio Capo d'Istria) President of the Greek Government - Ionnis Mara Avgoustnos Antonou (s.a.) Con Kapodstrias Governor - Ionnis Mara Avgoustnos Antonou (s.a.) Con Kapodstrias - Gergios Konstantnou Tsolkoglou (b. 1873 Russia seizes the income of the dependencies of Mount Athos in Bessarabia (Moldova) and the Caucasus. 1447) 1433 - 1444 Francesca Morosini (f) -Regent (d. Patriarch Ioakem II (Joachim II) publishes the Regulations of the of Mount Athos. K., Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire) states that the monks of Mount Athos, "of whatever country they may be natives, shall be maintained in their former possessions and advantages, and shall enjoy, without any exception, complete equality of rights and prerogatives" (ratified ). Dates for Greek records before 1822 are given according to Old Style (Julian) calendar, and after according to New Style (Gregorian) calendar. 1951) Non-party Logothetpoulos - Ionnis Dimitrou Rllis (b. 1946) Non-party (Tricoupis)(acting to ) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (1st time) - Ionnis Nikolou Kolttis (s.a.) Lib (Colettis)(1st time) (acting) - kmis Iosf Loudovkos rmansperg (s.a.) Non-party (= Joseph Ludwig Franz Xaver Graf von Armansperg) (chief secretary of state) - Igntios fon Rodchart (b. 1838) Non-party (Ipptis de Roudrt) (= Ignaz von Rudhart) - Vacant - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (2nd time) - Vacant - Andras Ptrou Metaxs (s.a.) Con - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (b. 1783 Patriarch Gavril IV (Gregory IV) establishes a (6th) typikn for Mount Athos reorganizing its central administration. Ottomans suppress pro-Greek independence rebellion in Chalkidike peninsula area and garrison Athos. 1494) 1494 - 1500 interregnum 1500 - 1511 Francesco III (d. 1576) Russian Commanders of the Aegean Sea - Konstantnos Mousoros (b. New Style was introduced in Greece effective 15 Feb/. 1863 Rumania confiscates the income of the dependencies of Mount Athos in Rumania. 1453) 1447 - 1453 Niccol di Syra -Regent 1453 - 1463 Guglielmo II (b. 1511) 1511 - 1517 Antonio Loredano -Governor 1517 - 1564 Giovanni IV (b.

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