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For one, focus on the issues that unite you, rather than those that divide you.

“This campaign is so bizarre and outlandish and over the top and unexpected,” Amy said.

“They respected each other and their opinions,” she said.

“I hope that’s how Jim and I are and that our children see you can disagree with someone and still treat them with respect.”Stuart Holliday and his wife, Gwen, had a similar across-the-aisle love story.

In 1960, only 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said they would be bothered if their son or daughter married someone from the opposing party; by 2010 (the last year for which data is available), that number had leapt to 49 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of Democrats, according to a study by polling firm You Gov.

Jon Reinish, a senior vice president with Democratic communications firm SKDKnickerbocker, has his own “no-Republicans rule.”“It’s less about party label, but I think if you pull the lever for the GOP, your core convictions are likely to be quite far removed from mine, which doesn’t suggest a good match,” Reinish said.

“At least both of us can agree on that.”And if all else fails, forget about politics and zero in on the personal qualities you love most about your partner.

The deal worked out by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democratic Senator Patty Murray would meet some Democratic objectives, including reviving the subsidies for Obamacare and restoring 6 million in funding for a federal program that helps people enroll in insurance plans.

It was always the people first and the politics second.”On election night in 1992, a crestfallen Stuart convinced Gwen not to go to Little Rock for President-Elect Clinton’s victory party; instead, he proposed at the Ritz-Carlton on Embassy Row.

(This year, Gwen is supporting Hillary, and Stuart, due to the nature of his job at a nonpartisan organization, declined to share his candidate.)The Morrells and Hollidays could serve as models of bipartisan cooperation for today’s caustic couples (and, for that matter, Washington at large).

Trump’s move to scuttle them had raised concerns about chaos in insurance markets.

Trump hoped to make good on his campaign promise to dismantle the law when he took office in January, with Republicans, who pledged for seven years to scrap it, controlling Congress.

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