Error checksum mismatch while updating harvard square dating

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It still failed to update the file (displayed the same error).

Note: If you are not using an RN100 series or an RN2120, do not use this workaround. Note: If you are already on OS 6.4.0 or newer, this workaround does not apply.In order to upgrade your Ready NAS to OS 6.4.0 or newer, you will need to follow the steps below.Note: Please read and understand all instructions prior to performing the steps.When this information is modified externally by a user or by an application that is not able to work as a SVN client, then all the SVN mechanism is perturbed and errors like this may happen.This is not a thing that can be handled by an application, the user must choose what actions to make to properly manage and resolve situations like this and continue with its work.

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