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David often does this with either a Muff and Powerbooster or Tube Driver.

Boosting with more mids boosted and compressed pedals, like the Tube Screamer and OCD, can often make a Muff sound muddy and almost choked.

To keep things relatively simple our add-in will process new e-mails on arrival and save some of the details in a Microsoft Access database.Unfortunately this method for catching new e-mails in Outlook is not fool proof, for example the MAPI Accessor does not work for Outlook 2010 64-bit and when working with an Outlook account that is connected to an Exchange server (in cached mode), you may experience delays up to 30 minutes. There might also be certain scenarios, when using Exchange in cached mode, where notifications are missing when you close and re-open Outlook. The wrong pedal for your amp and guitar, can do more harm than good and cause a lot of frustration.On the other hand, an pedal that’s selected to match perfectly with your amp and taste, will make your tones shine and bring out the best in your setup.

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