Online dating dangers news

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“Thinking back on it, there were red flags from the very beginning,” said the Minnesota man who was opening an Ok Cupid account after a broken engagement.

The new relationship started off like many others and was full of love and laughter. “She was college educated, she had a cool job,” said the man, but it wasn’t meant to be.

An unlocked apartment door let in an unwelcome guest.

Letting her in from the cold of winter also ushered in a cold heart.

“I repeatedly asked her if I could just give her a ride home and then she hit me and it was surprising,” he said, “I just went from nice guy who’s trying to make a woman not feel so bad to get the bleep out of my apartment.” Things got even worse.

LOUIS – Dating sites can bring together people, but they can also be used as a tool to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Before you swipe right, authorities are reminding the public to exercise common sense and trust their instincts.

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