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In an article published in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics, Zhankui Wang, who led the dig, said: 'The occupant of Tomb M4 was most likely of elite status, and could potentially be a high ranking chief or the spouse of a chief.'After conquering the Shang dynasty, the Zhou king distributed the plundered war spoils to the military officers with great achievements, and these spoils usually included bronze vessels.'The Zhou dynasty followed the Shang dynasty and preceded the Qin dynasty and lasted longer than any other in Chinese history.

The bowls and other items include a four-handled tureen, which were often used to serve soup.

Among other features are top results from the major international championships in 2013 (plus the 2014 World Indoors), obituaries, book reviews and record lists. Packed with information on French athletics records, profiles of 81 top athletes, results, deep year lists for 2013 for all age groups plus all-time lists and indexes.

The special articles this year, in addition to the editor's wide ranging notes, are an account of the historic Oxford v Cambridge match of 1864 by Bob Phillips and track & field statistics then (1930s) and now by Roberto L Quercetani. This booklet contains top 30s for 2013 for athletes from Asian nations, with continuation lists for countries other than China and Japan, indicating new national records, and full lists of Asian records. Maintaining the sequence there are French top ten lists for 19. Published by ditions Polymdias with support from the IAAF, The 33rd edition in this splendid series has 100 deep men's and women's lists for Africa for 2013, with all-time lists, national championships and major meetings results. The Athletics NZ annual has been expanded by 30 pages this year.

Her half marathon debut () followed in 1999 and her fabulous marathon career began with when winning London in 2002.

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18 plus postage (2 UK & Europe, 5 outside Europe); from Rob Whittingham, 7 Birch Green, Croft Manor, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 8PR, UK. The latest of the DGLD the German statistical group, Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Leichtathletik-Dokumentation booklet is No. Its 182 pages include articles on the Germany v Switzerland international of 1924 with profiles of all the German team (and results of the first match between the nations in 1921), the Olympic Marathon 1932 with details of races leading up to it and career details of all participants, German mens and womens indoor all-time lists at , German womens javelin top 40s for each age 13 to 19, and athletics and bobsleigh with detailed statistical profiles of 132 athletes to also have had bobsleigh credentials. Membership, with free Deutsche Bestenliste (deep year lists) euro 55 per year.

She clocked .3 in her 3000m debut in 1990, while her first 5000m (and only race indoors) was a .77 effort in 1992 a month before she exploded onto the international scene with her victory in the World Junior cross country in Boston.

She had displayed promise at longer distances with for 10 miles on the road in 1991 but it wasn't until April 1998 that she took part in her first 10,000m track race, clocking .58.

Around 57 tombs were found during excavations that started in 2012.

Construction workers uncovered bronze vessels while they were building houses in the area, leading archaeologists to take interest.

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