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It is unclear if and where information is saved that facebook gathered about the user from other users (e.g.

These files should still give everyone a certain idea of the structure and extent of data processed by Facebook. If a user ‘requests’ it, the account is first deactivated and is then deleted after a 14 day period. Logs all activations/deactivations of an account, including date and time. This shows the address that the user typed into his/her profile.

These connections often consists out of rather sensitive information . Uni Wien (110530002309006)H&M (21415640912)Atomkraft? Only if you “remove” the event by clicking on a little link on the bottom of the page the event will be deleted. Id 38574662881Name HOSI Fest Salzburg [German: Party of the homosexual initiative of Salzburg]Location Neue Arge Nonntal Start 2008-12-21 UTCEnd 2008-12-21 UTCRsvp maybe Id 124023171009380Name Kurz als Integrationsstaatssekretr? [German: Demonstration against a new state secretary]Location FACEBOOKStart 2011-04-19 UTCEnd 2011-04-30 UTCRsvp noreply... If you remove a friend he/she will be listed in the section “removed friends”. It is unclear how facebook is gathering this information. Besides the IP address and a time stamp facebook is also logging the form of access. Facebook is placing a cookie on every computer that connects to it.

If you post content on another user’s wall, the content will be treated according to the other users privacy settings.

Time 2011-05-26 UTC User Susi Normal (22299004477) Text *yay* for @[9922663388: Peter Normal]! Time 2011-05-26 UTC The data sets we got from facebook included random posts that were deleted by the user.

Id 12345678901234567890Subject Last night Folders [fb]messages, [fb]sent, [fb] deleted Deleted true Recipients Max Mustermann (123456789) Peter Freund (2266770044)Author Peter Freund (2266770044)Sent 2008-06-05 UTCBody I keep thinking of you permanently since last night. Kiss, Peter Author Max Musermann (123456789)Sent 2008-06-05 UTCBody Sorry Peter, but I was drinking too much last night.. Time 2011-04-14 UTCStory Max Mustermann commented on Petra Musterfrau's link.

This set of information is usually one of the longest sets and very private (communication privacy). Please do not tell Susi about what happened yesterday night!

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