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So for only £360 plus postage, you have the make-up keys for both the STUV 11 and 8 lever locks.

A bonus to this is that with a scope and this kit the STUV 8 Lever lock can also be visually decoded and opened.

Fichet Monopole Decoder This decoder designed by John Falle is one of a two part tool set designed to pick open the more modern Fichet monopole locks.

We also have the original Fichet monopole lock pick designed by Tim Taylor.

One of the problems with a lot of electronic safe locks is that if you forget the combination you have to drill in to the safe in order to open it.

The Spikemaster 2 system allows a number of electronic combination locks to be opened via the pre-drilled hole in the safe door.

In the UK this tool is sold by Safeventures who also sell our E3 Locks non destructive lock opening tools.

The picture above shows 2 universal make up keys, one with a STUV 11 bolt thrower attached and the other with a Mauer Variator bolt thrower.

The pots have bits from different locks within the current range CAWI 2641, STUV 8 Lever, STUV 11 Lever, Mauer President, Mauer Variator. Click Here For Current Tool Price List Please call for further details.

The price of the key bits are based on their stock metal and CNC time to produce and not on the class of lock.

The key bits for the Mauer President cost the same as the key bits for the Mauer Variator.

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