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Former Bradford AEC Regent III with East Lancs bodywork number 82 is preserved by the Aire Valley Transport Group.

Also preserved by AVTG is number 410, former London Transport RT172, which ran in the Bradford fleet for 10 years until 1968.

Part 2 contains the list of preserved AEC buses and coaches that originated with London Transport or London Country Bus Services.

The penultimate Reliance chassis built, Plaxton bodied FCX 576W was one of a cancelled Greenline order and was bought by Abbeyways.

Two former Bradford AEC Regent Vs with Metro Cammell bodywork are preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum. Sister 204 was also there, but appears to have been used for spares at it was in a stripped state in summer 2011.

Also there is Regent I KY 9106 and an AEC Mandator sevice vehicle new to Huddersfield.

Pictures of sister vehicles in service with AERE can be found at Steve Annell's Fotopic site, Barton AEC Reliance 1146 (DAL 771J), with Plaxton Panorama Elite Express body (the version with bus doors for stage carriage duties) is preserved and attendsa many rallies in the Midlands.

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Preserved by Quantock Motor Services, former Crosville TA5 (JFM 575) is a very rare combination of AEC Regal with Stachans bodywork.Many large preservation groups have their own websites and I am providing links to these where I know them.Buses with a Class VI MOT and therefore available for public service are listed on the AECs in Service page, even if they are primarily preserved and only appear infrequently in service.The Cardiff 408 Group owns East Lancs bodied Regent V 408 (408 DBO).It was repainted by Cardiff Bus for use in their 2002 centenary celebrations, and is in great condition.

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