Youth gay dating in great yarmouth

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For the older gays out there betties in Ipswich is now offering a night aimed at over 30's.

If a college student Suffolk New College now has an LGBT society. It's taking a while but suffolk is slowly catching up with the rest of the world.

Another good way to meet other gay people when you live in a rural area is over the net.

There are several popular gay websites such as Gaydar (which has over 1000 users in Suffolk , many thousands more in the bordering counties and is free to use) and Out In The UK which has social groups in the area.

Wow, I'm not making much sense today, but I'm sure you all get the gist of what I'm saying.

Bottom line, there needs to be more around here so people like me don't feel so isolated and alone and feel the need to while away the day on the computer trying to cure the loneliness.

The annual Aldeburgh Festival, founded by Benjamin Britten, his partner Peter Pears and Eric Crozier, is very popular with the gay classical music loving crowd.

If you are interested in health you can bet that your local fitness club boasts plenty of gay boys pumping iron ready for the summer.

i have a really wide group of mates, but none of them know. i wind myself up about it so often :|We are moving from South London to Halesworth area in a few weeks. but bettys bar in Ipswich seems to be banning my mates (for no reason!!

Gay and lesbian people who are new to the scene, or have not met people like themselves before,(maybe because they ate young) or young should remember that they reflect humanity at large.

Some will be saints, some selfish, some real decent friends, some just different to you, some will be gangsters or bullies etc etc.

Whatever minority you are in, (and you may belong to more than one minority) do not assume that because others are the same as you, that they are good people.

You have a brain, take your time and look carefully who might claim to be your friends.

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